Saturday, 24 April 2010

With the touch of positive energy

As a girl from Latvia (Eastern Europe), I had always wanted to live on an sunny island. My dream came true, when we (me and my soulmate) moved to the little island near the French Coast- Jersey. It was the first action in creating the real change.

There are so many things to be inspired from and one of them is music. As we always have been facinated about music, we decided to make our own tunes and created a band SOULM8. We did it with a pure love to the music, with no intensions to gain anything from it.Suprisingly- not only we have recieved such a positive feedback about our music,we have signed one of our songs to the Green Mono Music Studio label.

It's absolutely amazing, what you can do,if you decide to go creative- there are no limits!The most exciting thing is- it brings happiness into every minute of your life. My work mates are continuously asking me, where they can get the happy pill I am using. Well, I am sharing my secret now!

No matter what kind of creative action you are starting with- art, music, dance, poetry, photo etc., it will lead you to exciting and new information about yourself and will open your mind to the new level.

I hope I have touched the string of positive energy in YOU,

Till next time- CONTEMPO

P.S.If you you want to start to make music,take a look at the video about Acid pro program..
P.S.S There are 100 ideas to spark you into Creative Action.

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