Monday, 31 May 2010

Lost in Variety or does individuality still Exist?

Some time ago, I've heard the conversation on TV, when actor was answering the question, how he decided to become an actor. He said I felt like I don't know myself, my personality-so I tried to find it in my first role, and then the next one- that's how I became an actor.

Stop right there! I've started to question, about us people, living in MODERN SOCIETY- if the huge variety of choices, deeply fulfill our individual needs and we are living the life we always wanted; or it makes us an actors without our own personality, to jump up to the next role in search of our true identity?

Are we for real?

How important to you is to know who you really are?

While others may identify themselves through their name, position, title, social status,material possessions, gender, size, ethnic background, group affiliation or religious affiliation. But if you dig deeper and open your awareness, is that who you really or truly are?


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