Wednesday, 14 April 2010


After participating in Gospel Choir Festival, I thought that it’s enough of singing in front of the audience. It felt to me that I haven’t got the drive to do this, although it was an amazing experience.

As my mum was a dancer since her childhood, I was often watching her dancing on the stage. After some time doing nothing creative I’ve decided to get back to the folk dancing, but I didn’t enjoyed it that much anymore.

Then I finally understood where I got it all wrong. I never met myself because I was looking in the wrong places. I was looking for myself in other people, other creativity, other lifestyle etc. I haven’t started with me, and the question what do I really want?

So I started to treat myself better every day. In everything I did, I tried to listen to my inner self and do it with love. I opened the way for love to find me.

That’s when I met my SOULMATE. I felt like he was talking with my soul, my vision of world – there was no questions, only answers and deep understanding. That was the very first moment, when I realized that all sorts of art activities and creative stuff just HAPPENS in our everyday lives, there is no need force yourself into it.

You will find out more in the future posts, as I have been moving closer to the topics what I want to discuss with you.



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