Friday, 19 March 2010

Second part of the Bio


Further to the last post.
For my last act of the competition I had to figure out something unique to show. That's how we (family) come out with a great stuff- we created a dress with hundreds of key I did the African dance with all of those things spinning around me, that was a great experience!I did well on the competition and got the second place in Baltic States.

By the time I finished musical school, I realized that I need to put myself up for the next challenge.

So in 1998 I entered the competition where producers were looking for girls for a girl band. From 855 girls only 5 were chosen. Yeah, I was so happy to be between them! We had the best teachers for acting (Regnars Vaivars), singing (Anete Garanca) and dancing. After all these expectations project ended up with nothing, because producers couldn't negotiate with each other.

After this, I thought that I will quit...

To be continued...

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  1. I forgot to mention the name of our band, it was Rimmel Roses